8 habits of slim people
(Mayo clinic 2018)

What if keeping extra weight off involved small, simple habits that make a big difference in how much you gain or lose?
Scientists have studied just those habits in people who maintain a healthy weight. Now you can decide which of them might work for you.


It's about what you do first thing in the morning, how you snack and dine (and drink!), and whether you move your body throughout the day.

See why adopting lean habits might be easier than you think.

Researchers have studied the habits of lean people to learn what works for maintaining a healthy weight. Here are the most important discoveries.


8 habitos de la s personas delgadas 2

  • 1.- Lean people don't really diet. But they try to eat healthy and keep moving.
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  • 2.- They don't skip breakfast. 96% of lean people in one survey eat it every day. And half include fruits or veggies.
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  • 3.- They eat their veggies. Most lean people eat vegetables at every dinner, and many choose salad for lunch.
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  • 4.- They choose lean proteins. People who stay slim usually name chicken as their favorite meat.

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  • 8 habits of slim people 6 5.- They don't drink their calories. Weight maintainers skip soft drinks and choose zero-calorie beverages like plain fresh water.
  • 6.- They snack on good stuff. 44% of slim people in one survey reach for fruit, 21% snack on nuts.
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  • 7.- They move their bodies. Maintainers exercise at least 3 days a week.
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  • 8.- They stand up. Compared with overweight people, slim people stand an extra two hours a day. It all adds up.

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